Welcome to LiquidSky Beta

Here is what you need to know:

We are going to be granting beta access for all our users who requested it over these next few months. What this means is we are going to start purchasing more servers to increase our capacity so more of you can experience The Sky. With this increase in capacity you can expect weekly updates to the software, optimization for more devices, enhanced user experience, and much more. Continue reading for all the details.

Attend our Live AMA Twitch Stream on March 2nd @ 7pm EST Twitch stream link (http://secure.twitch.tv/liquidskyian/profile)

These changes go in effect Monday March 7th

Keep in Mind These Thoughts:

  • We are still in a closed beta, but will be making the beta more accessible for all of you who requested it and new users that request it.
  • We are in the process of optimizing the experience for as many devices as possible, so depending on your device specs your experience may be great, or it may still need to be optimized. So please be patient with us.
  • We are officially transitioning to a credit system. 1 credit = up to 1 hour of access or 10GB of SkyStorage.
  • All users that currently have beta access will receive a one-time gift of 10 free credits starting March 4th. We’re giving you 10 credits because we appreciate your loyalty and patience. We also feel it is sufficient amount of access for you to verify that you can have a good experience. If you like it then you can opt in for our limited time beta pricing. If you have NOT received beta access, please be patient! As we scale and can pay for more servers we will be opening up the beta and our beta pricing to all beta users that have requested access. Our beta users are our #1 priority and we’ll definitely give you the opportunity to experience The Sky.


  • Pay-As-You-Go Plan: Regular pricing will be $0.50/credit, but while we are in beta we are giving you a 20% discount and offering you credits at $0.40/credit. A minimum of 10 credits must be purchased at a time.
  • Gamer Monthly Plan: Regular pricing will be $14.99/month for 60 credits & 50GB of storage. Beta pricing will offer you this for 33% off at $9.99/month! If you sign up for the monthly plan you’ll be grandfathered in and will never have to pay the increased price. This is a deal you don’t want to pass up and limited to only beta users that were granted access. Don’t plan on using all 60 credits? Good news! Your credits rollover and never expire.


  • Want more credits? For the monthly plan you can purchase more credits at a steep discount of $0.25/credit. You can buy as many as you want.
  • Want more storage? For both Pay-As-You-Go & Gamer Plans you can purchase 10GB of storage with one credit. The most you can have on your SkyComputer is 100GB. Any storage purchases will be renewed monthly. So, for example, if you spend 3 credits for 30GB this month then you’ll be charged 3 credits next month. You can upgrade or downgrade as needed whenever you like.

How to earn free credits – Here are a few ways you can earn free credits:
*Free plans no longer available

Refer a friend program:

  • We call it the Give 10, Get 10 Program. Refer someone and receive 10 credits when they make their first purchase. We will also reward your friends with a bonus of 10 credits for signing up during the beta.

Complete Our Survey

  • If you completed our survey we will deposit 5 credits into your account. This should occur by March 10th.

Prime Members

  • If you’re a prime member that donated in the early days. You’ll get 180 credits! That is how much we love you! You can expect this by March 10th.


  • For those of you who have or will participate in any of our promos, social media, etc., you might find yourself rewarded. So stay active, let us hear your feedback, and share LiquidSky with your friends.

If you have any questions regarding the Beta, please attend our live Ask Me Anything Twitch Streaming session on March 2nd at 7pm EST. Here is the link to our Twitch profile. (http://secure.twitch.tv/liquidskyian/profile) – Hope to see you there.

We promise the The Sky will keep getting better and better. We’ll go to sleep when it’s perfect!

-The LiquidSky Team