PC Application

  • Storage was purged Monday at 8pm EST – sorry, we had to do it to give you all these dope features.
  • Auto updating software – you no longer have to download the Windows client every time we make a release. We will launch an installer soon so you don’t have to unzip the file anymore.
  • Storage warning popup to notify you if you’ve used more storage than they have purchased (i.e. you’ll need to buy more storage if you want to save what you’re playing).
  • Storage must now be purchased to add more space for your SkyComputer.
  • Gamer monthly plans (as well as legacy Prime users) will have 50GB of fresh storage. Pay-as-you-go users will need to use credits to purchase storage at 1 SkyCredit = 10GB. >Note you will be charged your SkyCredits every month for storage.
  • All notifications will now be highlighted as a ! over the menu so it doesn’t pop up in the middle of your game.
  • The Auto quality algorithm has been further optimized to improve your experience. You can still choose to manually override it using the slider.
  • It’s not perfect yet, but getting better.
  • Shift Key, CTRL keys are now fixed in fullscreen mode along with other misc keys that weren’t working.
  • Cut, Copy & Paste from your local device to your SkyComputer…for those pesky steam verification codes. This currently only works for text and nothing else.
  • Tutorial for your SkyComputer dashboard walking you through how it works the first time you login.
  • Timeout nil bug has been fixed and defaulted to 20 minutes. Meaning after 20 minutes of non activity on your SkyComputer, you’ll be logged off and not suffer any additional charges.
  • SkyCredits are now full hours of access. Meaning if you start a session and end your session after 20 minutes, then when you log back in you will still have 40 minutes left before you get charged your next credit.

Website Updates

  • Do you want to get instant beta access? Then just refer 3 friends for beta access, plus 10 free credits for a free trial. Login into your My Account page for details.
  • Want free credits? Give 10, Get 10 – Refer a friend who signs up and purchases 10+ credits you will get 10 credits and your friend receives 10 bonus credits.
  • Anyone that experienced a transaction issue needs to try one more time.
  • If you’re name has 3 consecutive consonants you will most likely be denied.
  • If our payment system ID’d you in a different country than the currency you selected (that trips up fraud alerts). Paypal is now available for subscription payments.
    *Free plans no longer available
    We are still working on offering more solutions so please be patient with us.
    Support desk tab. If you want to report an issue or need support just visit our website and click the “Click Here for Help” tab at the bottom right.