PC Application

  • The Ultra Performance Package is finally here. You’ve been wanting more power and here it is.
  • When you login and select your operating system, you will be prompted to select a performance package. You can choose the high or ultra performance package. High is what you’ve been using and Ultra is double the performance.
  • High Performance Package works for most games and is the current rate of 1 SkyCredit per hour.
  • Ultra Performance Package is for newer games that are more demanding and need an extra boost in frame rate. Ultra is 2 SkyCredits per hour.
  • NO MORE ZIP FILES! Run LiquidSky as a portable application or install it via an .exe file.
  • Auto updater has been updated to accommodate the new .exe file format. You will need to go to our website and download it again. Crazy amount of bug fixes, the big ones being:
  • Most black and green screen issues.
  • Authorization issues.
  • Auto quality slide has been improved.

Android update will be release tomorrow with just a few enhancements.

  • Ability to select your performance package from the updated dashboard.