You spoke, and we listened. We know a lot of you had mixed feelings about our announcement of the Windows Store for an extra $3.99/month. We knew this would happen but it is the deal we worked with Microsoft to be able to legally offer Windows. It was extremely difficult, particularly for a startup, to get to this level of partnership with Microsoft. Now that we are there, we shared your comments on Reddit about the Windows Store and we worked together to find an alternative solution. We explored every possible option to offer a full desktop version of Windows. We are happy to share we figured out a solution that we really hope you’ll like.

We can now offer you a full Windows 8.1 desktop experience with the ability to play any games or applications that run on Windows. This includes Steam, Origin,, and even the Reddit favorite, Candy Crush (just kidding, but if you really want to you can). This is as close as it gets to giving you everything you wanted. We know you wanted Windows 10 based on our previous version of the beta, but I think it’s safe to say that access to your favorite game libraries is what matters, and that you will get. We’ve tested it, and it works great.

Here is what you can expect before May 1, 2016

  • 4 Operating Systems to choose from
    • Windows 8.1 (highly recommended for best desktop experience)
    • Windows 10 with Store Apps only
    • SteamOS
    • Ubuntu Linux
  • Increased available storage from 100GB to 500GB
    • All Pay As You Go users will automatically be given 20GB of storage to accommodate the operating system storage. Any addition space will need to be purchased with SkyCredits.
    • All Gamer Monthly users will still receive the 50GB of storage as promised.
    • All users have the option to upgrade up to 500GB in SkyStorage at the same rate of 1 SkyCredit for 10GB
  • Beta pricing will be limited
    • The $9.99/month Gamer Plan will be limited to the first 10,000 of our 230,000 registered users. We are going to slowly allow everyone in the beta as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting this deal, but we can’t promise that everyone will get the deal so make sure to act fast.
    • The original price we quoted of $14.99/month will be increased to $19.99/month for the gamer plan. This will include Windows 8.1. Now with Windows you are going to have incredible, ultra low latency, high quality gaming on any PC or Android device with more devices coming soon.
    • The free trial moving forward for new users will be limited to 1 SkyCredit. This allows everyone to try the Sky before they buy.
  • Bugs
    • We are still in beta so you may still encounter bugs, please report those to or use the “Click Here for Help” tab on the website.
    • If a big bug is found in Windows we will need to reset everyone’s SkyComputer meaning you will lose your saved data. We recommend for the first few weeks you don’t save anything important on your SkyComputer in Windows or install a service like Dropbox or Google Drive to sync your files.