This is a moment that everyone has been waiting for. Around 5am EST this morning we released the updated LiquidSky client that gives users a full instance of Windows 8.1.

A few important notes about this release:

  • The Android app has been submitted to our friends at Google and may take up to 5 hours to appear on the play store.
  • As requested by members of our community, the new website update includes a live datacenter map which also contains current server load/status. If a datacenter is overloaded or offline it will appear orange on the map.
  • The data center page also shows upcoming locations for new data centers. Encourage us to open them sooner using the “Request New Location” form to vote for your country. More votes means we go there sooner.
  • We noticed an immediate flood of worldwide users trying to create their Windows SkyComputer this morning hugging the servers to death so please be patient while it is in the “Creating” stage and give it plenty of time even after the counter runs out. We will be adding an actual progress bar in the next release instead of the ETA loading counter which can be off at times. We will also be placing a very serious order for new servers once we have had a few weeks or so testing with Windows.
  • Packet loss (tearing of the screen) – We have seen some packet loss bugs being caused by our new PC LiquidSky Client. We will fix this in the next update. The temporary bug is usually fixed by re opening the LiquidSky client.
  • Windows 10 Store apps support will be released next week.
  • Linux (Ubuntu) will be disabled so that our entire team can focus on Windows for the next few weeks.

Updates at 3:30pm EST

  1. The servers are currently getting crushed. You guys have certainly proven there is much more demand with Windows. The average session time is already a few hours! We will be adding servers early next week to accommodate the new level of usage. Data centers which are overloaded will appear as orange on the map within the website.
  2. For those of you with (Black Screen, Stuck in Creating, Authentication Error) issues, it means your data center is at capacity. Please try using the “high” power pack as it gives you a higher chance of finding server resources to connect.
  3. If you are stuck in Creating.. because the servers in your selected data center are full and are loosing credits, you can reset your SkyComputer (Red circle) at anytime. If you have trouble clicking the red circle, please try re opening the LiquidSky client. We will be adding servers early next week and adjusting our utilization projections.