Dear members of the Sky,

The servers will be down Sunday May 15th into early morning May 16th EST as we upgrade our servers and release new clients.

All SkyComptuers will be reset in preparation of this update!

Throughout the beta we may reset your SkyComputer as we fix critical bugs.

General Improvements (As of May 16th 12PM EST)

  • Extra Ultra slots per server – This will help improve your chances at getting an ultra slot when the servers are full.
  • Auto Mouse Lock – You can now play games without worrying about pressing F12 to fix mouse sensitivity or hidden cursor issues. Your SkyComputer will automatically switch between modes when entering a in-game menu. If you have any issues you can always toggle between mouse modes manually by pressing F12.
  • Failed Connection Fixes – Whether you’re flying an aeroplane, skydiving, or listening to a boring lecture we want you to have full access to your SkyComputer. We have improved our port scanning tools to help the client clear a path to the Sky.
  • Recording path issue is will be corrected so you can record your screen and the video saves to the Public/Videos folder.
  • New Android UI + Design with a more stable connection system – This should help users who are experiencing crashes.

Here are a few updates and tips:

Try selecting the High performance pack if your server is full.

Selecting the High performance pack gives you a better chance at finding room on our servers since it requires less resources. Ultra requires double the resources on our servers.

Network Loss Tips:

If you see any Screen tearing, please go into the LiquidSky Menu and try selecting the software decoder. Please also try selecting 720p and 30FPS to see if it helps. Sometimes restarting the LiquidSky client can also help. You can also try rebooting your router (I realize it sounds silly, but the majority of the time, your router is dropping the packets).

Lag/Latency Tips:

If you are experiencing latency or lag, please open the LiquidSky Menu, go into System and click “Decoder”. Please try each of the available decoders to see which works best for you. It will also help to go into the Menu and select 30FPS and 720p from the LiquidSky settings. Sometimes lowering the quality slider (top-left corner of the Menu) can also help. If you are still having trouble, please post your Network and Computer scores here (the two scores out of 100 in the LiquidSky menu under the system tab).

Mouse/Controller Tips:

If you are having issues with a controller, please open the LiquidSky menu, go into settings and remap your controller. During the remapping process, your controller will also be calibrated. Games running on your SkyComputer will see your controller as an Xbox 360 wired controller regardless of your controller model.

If you are having mouse hypersensitivity issues, please try toggling the mouse lock mode by pressing the (F12) key. Some games require the mouse to be hidden and locked to the center of the screen such as first person shooters. Other games such as World of Warcraft lock the mouse, hide the cursor and render their own cursor during in-game menus. You can solve this issue by going into the World of Warcraft settings and modifying the hardware mouse property.


The high server demand issues you may experience are temporary. We apologize to anyone with connection issues due to server load. Once we get ahead of demand, we will keep extra servers ready and begin to scale ahead of our rapidly growing community.