Fallout 4 is “wow!” And it is quite addictive, much like WOW. That’s saying something. The Fallouts are always single player experiences. The latest title truly has it all. Story. Action. Freedom of choice. And most importantly? Graphics.

Visual immersion is rarely a priority of RPGs. In fact, the revitalization of isometric (top/down) titles makes it seem RPGs hardly benefit from, or need, a blockbuster treatment. Fallout 4 proves them wrong.

This time we explore post-apocalyptic Boston. The setting itself is ugly. Rusted cars litter abandoned streets. Goulish zombies rush out of dark nooks and crannies. Near all the flora is muted yellows and browns. Ironic that the graphics render this sad setting so brilliantly.

Detail Makes the Difference

Fallout 4 intro
Fallout 4 intro

Bethesda has a reputation for visuals. Fallout 4 is no exception. Their Oblivion engine is holding strong even after four years. We can still adjust a slew of options, like draw distance, to tweak performance -not that it’s necessary on LiquidSky. More on that later.

The game’s look is sufficiently updated too. Lighting is unparalleled, as are mist effects. And we receive a lot of mist effects. Fallout 4 has lots in common with its immediate predecessor. Gore, for one. Fallout 4 isn’t exactly the most violent title around. It leaves nothing to the imagination either. Limbs explode off bodies, heads cave in from shotgun blasts, etc.

Blood junkies can enjoy every moment through VATS bullet-time. Not only a way to soak up the visuals, the slow-mo mechanic equalizes gameplay. While far more complex, Fallout 4 is also enjoyable as the people’s FPS.

There’s Story as Well

Settlements are a major fixture of gameplay
Settlements are a fixture of gameplay

There’s much more to the game than just violence. The story features plenty of sweeping themes. Topping the list is the resilience of the human spirit and love. I dig it. The PC’s motivation is more personal than ever before. Interesting, as the series usually focuses on blood, guts, and glory. 



Exploring the wasteland used to require some heavy gear: think an expensive gaming laptop, desktop, or console. A lot of gamers upgraded their PC for this title alone. Their loss.  Now all you need is a phone and internet connection.

You guessed it! I’m ecstatic to report LiquidSky runs Fallout 4 beautifully. It looks downright impressive. Here’s the breakdown on both the High and Ultra Performance Packages


Fallout 4 is brilliant on Ultra. We could go over the reasons why…but we’ll save you the reading. NVIDIA has a guide that explains everything. Bethesda is a thoughtful publisher. Their AAA titles can run on subpar machines, sure.

Ultra is another story. Fallout 4 is definitely like Witcher 3 in that regard. On max specs it punishes all but the best machines. LiquidSky’s Ultra Performance Package runs the game more than adequately.

Intro Frame Rates

Ultra Intro or Story shot
Fallout 4 into on ultra specs

Sky users deserve the best of the best. That’s exactly why we benchmarked two different segments. The intro to Fallout 4 is among last year’s most demanding sequences. Funny enough,  explosions aren’t to blame. Foliage was the major challenge for PCs everywhere. LiquidSky manages to render every leaf brilliantly. Look below for more info.  

  • Frames: 4319 – Time: 123484ms – Avg: 34.976 – Min: 0 – Max: 66

Generic Frame Rates

Generic Ultra screenshot
Fallout 4 on ultra specs

Enjoyable as it is, Fallout 4 generally features less foliage and characters than the intro. Generic gameplay runs super-smoothly. Even facing down deathclaws is a breeze. Check out the FRAPS data.

  • Frames: 5790 – Time: 139813ms – Avg: 41.412 – Min: 23 – Max: 66


Fallout 4 is gorgeous, yes. It is also scalable. There’s some mighty differences between the title’s ultra and high settings. It’s unsurprising LiquidSky’s High Performance Package runs Fallout 4 on high specs. What is surprising is its superior frame rates.   

Intro Frame Rates

Fallout 4 Intro on high specs
Fallout 4 intro on high specs

LiquidSky’s High Performance Package flawlessly runs Fallout 4’s intro on high. Not necessarily the ideal for those that want the full autumn flora, sure. But it’s quite enough eye-candy for anyone looking to enjoy the game.

  • Frames: 5880 – Time: 139765ms – Avg: 42.071 – Min: 0 – Max: 66

Generic Frame Rates

High Spec Generic Shot
Fallout 4 on high specs

Much like its ultra specs, Fallout 4 on high runs very well. Players can enjoy all sorts of encounters without any worry of dipping frame rates. Turning some specs to ultra is completely possible too.  

  • Frames: 4492 – Time: 87782ms – Avg: 51.172 – Min: 38 – Max: 66

Logging into LiquidSky? Try out Fallout 4

A sandbox title, Fallout 4 requires some dedication and time. That mentioned, casual players can jump in without worry. The interface includes plenty of helpful prompts. Navigation is a breeze and the story offers plenty of direction. Check it out! See for yourself how LiquidSky handles Fallout 4.

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