Dark Souls III is the action RPG Blockbuster of the year. It is also one of the best games of its type. Of course, we just had to play it using LiquidSky. And, of course, it ran splendidly. Here’s the lowdown on the game and its performance.

Dark Souls III: Critical Darling, Harder than Hell  


Dark Souls III is the fourth title from Namco’s Dark Souls series. There are plenty of reasons these games fly off shelves. They are gorgeous. They have interesting stories. Most important, they are also harder than hell. That’s precisely why there is such a following. Most victories are a unique accomplishments unto themselves. Making headway in these games requires both strategy and gumption.

The Setting! The Atmosphere!rsz_ds_iii_ultra_spec_screen

Visuals can make or break the game. The Dark Souls have atmosphere to spare. DS III is no different. It also knows how to build anticipation. The intro gives us a lowdown on the upcoming bosses…and boy are there bosses. Make no mistake, though: DS III has plenty of generic enemies. Farmers should particularly rejoice. Bad guys drop a huge range of loot, most of it randomly generated.  

Gameplay takes center stage in DS III. That mentioned, we enjoy lots of style with the substance. DS’s look is not the most unique. However, they are quite imaginative. We fight several hair-raising characters. DS III makes full use of proportion too. Baddies can be quite huge. Players even go after a giant, one that truly takes our breath away.  

Performance on LiquidSky

Ultra requirments for Dark Souls III are steep. Game-Debate recommends a 3.4 GHz i5 processor, a 2 GB GTX 950, and other premium hardware for minimally ideal performance. Not the most demanding game ever, sure…but out of reach for okay machines. LiquidSky is a shining alternative by comparison.  

Ultra Performance Package w/ Ultra Specs

Dark Souls III on Ultra

DS III runs alarmingly well on the Ultra Performance Package. We never went below 30 fps during our benchmark. Even better, most sequences run at 40+ fps. Just check out the video to get an idea.  

  • Frames: 1783 – Time: 46828ms – Avg: 38.076 – Min: 31 – Max: 47

High Performance Package w/ Medium Specs

Dark Souls III on Medium

The High Performance Package runs medium specs best. And before you ask: yes, running high specs is possible. Rendering is quite slow, however. Expect frame rates to dip below 30 fps, which leads to noticeable “stuttering.”  Medium specs are far more manageable, as you can see below.

  • Frames: 2290 – Time: 73953ms – Avg: 30.966 – Min: 18 – Max: 46

DS III is gorgeous at all but the lowest specs. Of course, changing specific settings can enhance visuals without impacting gameplay. Durante’s Dark Souls III verdict explains each option in full.

A Bit About Latency

Latency is a big topic at LiquidSky. For those that don’t know, “latency” is the delay that leads to slowdown and other glitches. LiquidSky does its utmost to limit these disruptions. Our compression is some of the most advanced available. Further, we make the point to establish servers where there’s demand.

We currently recommended playing within 1,500 kilometers of the nearest server. This is liable to change. In fact, our DS III promo underlines LiquidSky’s future endeavors: greater reach and less latency. Playability from 3,000 km is no laughing matter. We’re also positive we can manage better.    

Explore Lothric on LiquidSky

Dark Souls III is an epic. A feast for the eyes, the game doubles as a challenge for veteran players. LiquidSky is particularly ideal for your journey through this morbid setting. While single player, Dark Souls III also includes multiplayer options. With streaming speeds as much 1 GB/s, LiquidSky minimizes multiplayer latency. Check it out for yourself. Sign up for our beta today!