Far Cry is one of Ubisoft’s flagship properties. Fans expect it all from the series: graphics, gameplay, replayability, etc. Ubisoft is happy to answer the demand. Far Cry Primal plays as excellent as it looks. There’s a lot to be excited about. Don’t put on your war paint just yet, though. Keep reading for our impression of Far Cry Primal and its performance on LiquidSky.  

A New Setting for Tried and True Mechanics

Far Cry Primal Fight Shot (Custom)
Far Cry Primal offers a fresh take on the FPS genre

Far Cry enjoys a reputation for fast and fun gameplay. Their latest title is no different. Within 10 minutes the player is chasing down a woolly mammoth. One thing leads to another and the protagonist reunites with his lost tribe.  

Combat is interesting. Far Cry always includes options for melee. FCP, however, thrives off it. Players spear, club, and shoot their way through enemy tribe members. The title’s sense of physicality is excellent. Hitting bad guys creates subtle camera shifts and animations are very convincing. There is also a sense of freedom. Players can chuck clubs and spears at their will, often with lethal results.

That mentioned, FCP is still a Far Cry game. Players looking for rich crafting or resource gathering should look elsewhere. Lack of intricacy is far from a problem, however. Overall pace would suffer without the simple options.     

Lion, Tigers, and Bears – Oh My!

Animals make fierce allies in Far Cry Primal
Animals make fierce allies in Far Cry Primal

Players assume the role of a “Beast Master” in Far Cry Primal. As you might expect, it entails taming various animals and making allies with them. Tigers, bears, wolves – all are fair game. Each also adds unique benefits. Players can climb and ride larger animals, such as bears, mammoths, and tigers. Dholes, on the other hand, make ideal hunt dogs. Read here for a full writeup about the animals you can tame.    

A Blockbuster Production Loaded with Details

Far Cry Primal Shot (3) (Custom)
Lots of detail goes into FCP’s tribes

Looking to investigate the daily grind of hunter-gatherers? Look elsewhere. Far Cry Primal is all about the action. Ubisoft likes keeping things relevant, however. Actual linguists cooked up the prehistoric dialects that characters speak. Similarly, lots research went into the setting. The forests are particularly exceptional, not to mention diverse and realistic.   

Brilliant Graphics

Far Cry Primal lighting shot (Custom)
Shadows and lighting are spectacular in Far Cry Primal

Graphics, of course, are a major strength of Far Cry Primal. Shadow effects are particularly stunning. Interplay between the lighting and foliage really make the atmosphere. Other details are also noteworthy. The attention that Ubisoft puts of fire, for instance, underscores its importance to the setting. Meshes and other facets are all AAA, of course.

Of all things, hair is Far Cry Primal’s most impressive element. We’ve come a long way since the ponytail of 2013’s Tomb Raider. Animal allies have extraordinarily realistic fur. Strands float in the wind and coats have a natural sheen. We also get an innate sense of the blubber and muscle under those pelts.   

Performance on LiquidSky

Far Cry Fight Shot 2
Stealth makes a big difference in FPS

Ubisoft pushes out some of most the demanding titles around. Far Cry is an old favorite for benchmarking machines. The latest title does not disappoint. All the lighting effects, plants, and free-flowing hair can really take its toll.

Games-Debate recommends at least a 3.4 GHZ i7 processor, a Geforce GTX 780, and 8 GB of ram. That’s a hefty computer, to say the least. Then there’s LiquidSky.

Far Cry is a title we benchmark around. It won’t be until the next year or two that most gaming PCs can comfortably run Far Cry Primal on ultra. LiquidSky is no exception. Very high specs, however, are more than possible.

Ubisoft’s decision to include a benchmarking tool is awesome. Players can quickly see if their machine is up to the task. We’re including their benchmark as well FRAPS because…well, who doesn’t trust FRAPS?     

Very High Specs with the Ultra Performance Package

Far Cry Primal at ultra settings
Far Cry Primal at ultra settings


  • Frames: 1566 – Min: 26 – Avg: 32 – Max: 38


  • Frames: 1701 – Time: 53937ms – Avg: 31.537 – Min: 24 – Max: 39

High Specs with the Ultra Performance Package

Far Cry Primal at very high settings
Far Cry Primal at very high settings


  • Frames: 1951 – Min: 34 – Avg: 39 – Max: 44


  • Frames: 1916 – Time: 48922ms – Avg: 39.164 – Min: 33 – Max: 45

High Specs with the High Performance Package

Far Cry High (Custom)
Far Cry Primal at high settings


  • 1818 frames – Min: 29 – Avg: 36 – Max: 43


  • Frames: 1804 – Time: 49204ms – Avg: 36.664 – Min: 27 – Max: 43

Medium Specs with the High Performance Package

Far Cry Medium (Custom)
Far Cry Primal at medium settings


  • Frames: 2135 – Min FPS: 37 – Avg FPS: 43 – Max FPS: 48


  • Frames: 2347 – Time: 54110ms – Avg: 43.375 – Min: 36 – Max: 49

Now Anyone can Explore 10,000 BCE

Ubisoft is a powerhouse developer and it shows in Far Cry Primal. This game is truly an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride. The only catch is that it requires a top-tier system to enjoy in full. Now that PC can be miles away. Sign up for our beta today to learn more.