Next week we’ll be rolling out a major update that will improve LiquidSky’s overall performance.

Users can expect plenty of changes that are sure to enhance their cloud gaming experience. Due to an upgrade of our storage platform, we will be resetting all users SkyComputers in preparation for this update. Please make sure to save any important files off your SkyComputer if you wish to keep them. You can use something like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Major Updates include:

  • A redesigned and more user friendly user interface for accessing your SkyComputer.
  • An upgraded storage platform (more speed)
  • SkyStorage will be included with your chosen plan. Gamer plan subscribers will be receiving 500GB.
  • New data center location reveal (there’s still time to vote! – vote here
  • More servers (which means more users being accepted into the beta)
  • Improved latency on PC/Android clients. It only gets better.
  • Mac Client Release (Alpha)
  • Linux Client release (Alpha)
  • Mouse lock/toggle fixes for many games (IE: Popular titles such as World of Warcraft)
  • Fixed SkyCredit timer that displayed false SkyCredit usage as your SkyComputer builds/starts (time always restored after building, but was causing confusion). NOTE: You are not losing SkyCredits when building or starting your SkyComputer.

Along with the above updates will be a host of bug fixes, as well as a sneak peek at our new pricing plans coming sometime in July.

This impending update will occur on July 6, 2016. The servers will be down for maintenance from 12pm-8pm EST on July 6th.

Once again, all SkyComputers will be reset and all data deleted during this time.

Please make plans to save any vital information or files you may have saved on your SkyComputer.

Throughout the beta period we may reset your SkyComputer as we fix critical bugs. Wipes are not expected to occur once we come out of beta.