The alpha linux client works by wrapping the Windows client in a WINE compatibility layer. We’ve had surprisingly good results with the built-in winex11 software decoder. This client works a lot better than the linux native client we have in the pipes. So until we can give the native client the attention it needs, enjoy this WINE port. Expect updates on the repositiory soon.

The following are instructions for installing our debian repository which will work on the following Linux distributions: Mint, Ubuntu, Debian

# 1. Get the LiquidSky GPG signing keys for secure downloading
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 641414A44E5F5193CA29ADC2EB69DB13917C600E
# 2. Add the LiquidSky repository to your sources
echo deb experimental non-free | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/liquidsky.list
# 3. Update the package list
sudo apt-get update
# 4. Install the LiquidSky client
sudo apt-get install liquidsky-client

Also we have taken the liberty of packaging RPM archives which can be downloaded below. Direct downloads of the Debian packages can be found bellow as well. Feel free to use alien to convert our DEB archives for Stampede, Slax, Solaris and LSB distributions.

RPM: i386 x86_64

DEB: i386 amd64

RUN: all

UPDATE: Note that these packages are currently for GNOME based Desktop Environments only. We well make KDE equivalents and independent builds over the next week. Some Desktop Environments that use GNOME under the hood (without explicit mention) are Ubuntu’s Unity shell, MATE, and Cinnamon.

Also for advance users, in current wine staging builds, you can enable additional acceleration by opening winecfg to the Staging tab and enabling CSMT. In the future hopefully we can make VA-API pass-through working however as of right now enabling that option will break your LiquidSky Client.

UPDATE: New .run file will run without root.