The day has come! The Sky is open and it’s bigger, better and faster!

List of Updates

  • Redesigned and more user-friendly interface for PC, Mac, and Linux clients.
  • Upgraded storage platform (more speed!). Cloud storage now included with your chosen plan (specifics below).
  • More servers added to Frankfurt and London.
  • New server location: Milan, Italy. Please treat it nicely 🙂
  • Improved latency on PC and Android clients
  • Mac Client Release (Alpha)
  • Linux Client release (Alpha) *Mouse lock/toggle fixes for many games, including popular titles such as World of Warcraft
  • Fixed credit timer that displayed false credit usage as SkyComputer builds/starts (time was always restored after building, but was causing confusion). *You are not losing credits when building or starting your SkyComputer.
  • Updated Android App coming later today

Note: All SkyComputers have been WIPED during this update. Everyone who had a SkyComputer received 2 free SkyCredits to give you time to download your games/apps.

New Pricing Plans

Here is an overview of our new pricing coming within the next 2-3 weeks.
New Pricing
1 Day Free Trials

  • All new users to receive a 24-hour free-trial including 100GB of SkyStorage (Important: after free trial ends, users have to upgrade within 7 days or their SkyComputer is deleted.)


  • Purchase SkyCredits at $0.50/SkyCredit
  • 100GB of SkyStorage included. No more upgrading storage, you get 100GB of Storage as long as you access your SkyComputer at least within 30 days to keep your SkyComputer active. If you don’t log into your SkyComputer for 30 days you’ll be considered inactive and storage will be deleted.

Gamer Monthly – Best Value!

  • $14.99/month
  • 80 SkyCredits
  • 500GB of SkyStorage included
  • Purchase additional SkyCredits for $0.30/SkyCredit
  • Unused SkyCredits rollover & don’t expire
  • No automatic timeout

Unlimited Monthly – yep…an unlimited plan

  • $39.99/month
  • Unlimited SkyCredits to run either on High or Ultra
  • 1TB of SkyStorage

NOTE: 30 minute automatic timeout if there’s no activity for the Unlimited Plan. This means if you walk away from your SkyComputer for more than 30 minutes then your session will automatically end. We have to do this to prevent abuse as well as people attempting to use their SkyComputer for hosting.

We would love your feedback on the pricing. Let us know which ones you’ll be signing up for.

To answer the biggest question: If you’re already subscribed to the existing $9.99/mo plan then you’re grandfathered at the rate and you’ll be upgraded to the new and improved gamer plan without the increased rate. This is our way of saying thank you to our early adopters.

Throughout the beta period we may reset your SkyComputer as we fix critical bugs. Wipes are not expected to occur once we come out of beta.

The Linux Client

We want you to know that the linux client is available, but this is an Alpha release, meaning we need your feedback. It’s not perfect, nor will it be anytime soon. We need your help so please comment (nicely) on reddit with your feedback or by using #skyforlinux on social media. You can learn more and download herehttps://

The Mac Client

The Mac client is an alpha release and won’t be perfect. We would like to hear your feedback on how we can make it better. Be sure to share your device specifics so we can test and make updates to the software. Please log into your account and visit the downloads page to download the Mac client.