We’re busting at the seams with new users creating their SkyComputers – so much so, in fact, that we’ve had to stop letting new users into the beta so we can free up server space for existing users. If you referred 3 people and have not received access you will be the first ones to receive access in chronological order once we start to let people in.


We’re doubling our server capacity next week and plan on adding more servers every week after that to keep up with demand. We are growing capacity fast so we can let in more and more users into their free trials ASAP!


As we announced here, we are rolling out new pricing and it starts this Monday, July 25th. Now, we know, a lot of you never got the chance to sign up under the original plan, so to make up for that we are offering the new $14.99/mo plan for $11.99/mo until the end of July. Not only are we giving you a discounted rate, but we will give anyone who takes advantage of this promo instant access into the beta if they purchase the Gamer or Unlimited Plan.

Here is how to get instant beta access starting on July 25th:

  • Log into your account and click on “Pricing” or “Upgrade”
  • Select the Gamer Monthly plan
  • Enter your payment information – you will NOT be charged until 24 hours later (this means you get a free trial before the charge goes through). If you don’t have a perfect experience or you want to cancel for any reason, just delete your payment information from your account page before the 24 hours is over. This will cancel the subscription.
  • Enjoy your discounted plan of $11.99/mo. (If you downgrade or upgrade anytime in the future you’ll lose this promo.)

So in case you didn’t read this correctly…you get instant beta access with a free 1-day trial by purchasing the Gamer plan before July 31st.

What about the Unlimited Plan? You’ll be able to sign up for the Unlimited Plan and get instant beta access through July 31st, but we can’t discount the plan. It is already at its lowest price.

Pay-As-You-Go pricing will increase to $0.50/SkyCredit with no discounts or instant access. Only existing beta users can purchase more SkyCredits.

Other Updates:

We are releasing a completely new account page that is WAY better and will have the following:

  • Status of your SkyComputer, including which plan you have.
  • New referral program that is specific to the plan you have (will be released in 2 weeks).
  • New community page to stay up-to-date on releases and follow us on social media.
  • New account management page to see/edit your personal and payment information.
  • New downgrade page to allow you to downgrade your plan at any time without submitting a support ticket.

We’re also cracking down on hackers and credit card scammers. We’ve been reporting these people to their proper local authorities. We take fraud very seriously so don’t be a dick and use stolen or fake credit cards. You’ll regret it.

Other fun updates coming soon:

  • Audio inputs so you can communicate during multiplayer game-play and for recording sessions.
  • Streaming from your local webcam.
  • PaySafeCard and Android Pay enabled.
  • Improved payments within the Android app so you no longer have to go to the website to pay.

Lots of other really cool stuff coming in the next few months so be sure to follow our social media channels and blog to stay informed!