HURRAY! More RAM & a better CPU is coming to a SkyComputer near you! Also, we will be releasing an update that will dynamically move your SkyComputer to open servers when you’re not using it to improve the odds of finding an open slot when you log in. This will be a massive upgrade and require some down time to ensure a successful transition. Below is our scheduled maintenance times for each data center. We will be cutting everyone off an hour before the schedule times to make sure no one starts up a session right before maintenance. So if you get kicked off, then odds are you were logged in during maintenance.

Location Date Starting Maintenance Ending Maintenance
Washington DC 8/14 7pm EST 10pm EST
Sydney 8/15 7am EST 10am EST
Tokyo 8/15 10am EST 1pm EST
Hong Kong 8/15 12pm EST 3pm EST
Chennai 8/15 2pm EST 5pm EST
Frankfurt 8/15 8pm EST 11pm EST
Milan 8/15 8pm EST 11pm EST
London 8/15 10pm EST 1am EST – Aug 16th
SP 8/16 12am EST 3am EST
Dallas 8/16 3am EST 6am EST
California 8/16 6am EST 9am EST

As much as we like to think everything will be sunshine and butterflies during the upgrade there might be a few hiccups, so please bare with us if the maintenance times are extended slightly.

So how much RAM are you going to get? More than DOUBLE! That is right we are increasing the High Performance Package RAM by 2.25X & the Ultra Performance Package by 2.15X. We know this has been a much needed upgrade and we very excited to finally be giving it to you.

Also, the Ultra Performance Package CPU performance will be getting faster & better!

We hope you enjoy the increase in performance.