To accompany our recent mass expansion of users, we have adjusted our sign up process to better account for our flood of users. So what does this mean for our users? You can expect easier access into servers, more customer support, and exclusive beta keys which grant access to our Beta now!

Beta Service Updates & Other Changes

  • We’ve completely revamped our signup process and removed SMS/Phone verification.
  • Every user is now required to confirm their email address in order to access their account.


  • To confirm your email, simply login and you’ll be prompted to receive a confirmation email. If your email is invalid, you’ll be asked to add a new primary email which you can do easily with the pop up.


  • Choose your data center ahead of time and pre-select from a world map of all our available data centers. Now you can optimize your selection during sign up and make sure you pick the data center that’s best for your location!


  • Skip the wait and purchase a plan instantly! Simply click the button that says “Skip the wait,” and you will be prompted to select a plan and pay. Now that we’ve partnered with Xsolla, you have available over 700 payment methods worldwide. After a successful payment, you’ll be able to create your SkyComputer immediately. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

  • Receive three beta keys and redeem access for you and your friends! After signing up and being accepted into the Beta, you will receive three beta access keys which will grant three hours of access to try LiquidSky. Beta Keys can be handed out among friends and family, so now you and your whole gaming crew can join in and play too!

Improved Client & Customer Service

  • More server space for our users has been made available! With our changes to the beta access system, we’ve been able to clean our system of duplicate users and provide additional server slots for our users logging in! So get in there, and take our coveted “Ultra” access for a spin!
  • Better & faster customer support for paying customers. We’ve implemented new support software that will allow paying customers to have a conversation with our customer support agents in chat form. Response times have also been improved.
  • New community support forum to assist our free trial and beta-pending community. Therefore, our users can now freely share content, report bugs and support healthy discussion. With this new forum we will be able to organize and categorize our community content to help improve every user’s experience.
  • Knowledge base and FAQs will be readily available in our footer of every page for quick access. We will regularly update this to help answer the most common questions we get.
  • Sending an email to will no longer get you a response. In order to get support you must be logged into our website and click the chat bubble in the bottom right. If you don’t see it, it means you are either not a paying customer or you’re not logged in.

Android Update

  • Finally – edit the onscreen controllers to fit your needs. You can also easily reset it after a change in case you want to revert back to the original setting.
  • In-app payments now accepted through Xsolla.
  • See your in-app latency performance.
  • Various bug fixes.

We have more exciting updates coming soon for the LiquidSky Client coming up soon! So stay tuned for more information concerning our next major update in the next few weeks. Let us know your thoughts on our changes in the comments!