It’s that gifting time of year…and often the most challenging for us gamers. We want to gift stuff that everyone loves and is easy to use, but not break the bank at the same time. Well, we’re here to help by bringing you up to speed on some of the holiday’s hottest new gear. Just in time for the holidays, here’s some of our favorite inexpensive tech this year (and also plays well with LiquidSky):

1 – Acer Chromebook R11


At LiquidSky, we’re all about portable hardware that’s cheap and great for gaming. What better gift than a Chromebook that also replaces your tablet? At 2.3lbs, it’s light enough to use the touchscreen comfortably. To top it off, you get access to the Google Play Store and all your favorite apps – including LiquidSky (just remember to switch into Developer mode)!

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Honorable Mentions:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A


Both affordable and practical, the Samsung Tab A offers one of the best Android experiences you’ll find on a tablet. Rather than stuffing it to the brim with features, Samsung went practical with this Tab. Spartan specs like a 720p display and a modest Snapdragon 410 processor would suggest a lame experience…but you’d be super wrong. Instead, you get a great display and crazy-good optimization, while using those low specs to deliver immense battery life at a insanely low price.

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Asus Chromebook Flip


Just like the Acer R11, this Chromebook can double as both a tablet and laptop. Like most younger brothers, the Asus Flip is not to be underestimated. Yes, it’s smaller and less powerful, but the Flip can do almost anything the Acer can, all with the benefits of being amazingly portable.

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Chuwi Hi10 Pro Tablet


Maybe one of the coolest tablets you’ve never heard of, this cheap and wonderful gizmo is both an Android and Windows tablet. Never feel bogged down by each platform’s differences. Embrace them, because now you have both!

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2 – 15.6 Inch Laptops


An underrated category that goes unnoticed, 15.6 inch laptops offer the best bang-for-your-buck, delivering large screens at a much lower prices in comparison to both 13” and 17” laptops. This middle ground makes them perfect for both portability and gaming. Plus, with LiquidSky, you don’t need to worry about pesky specs. Just grab the nicest screen on the block, and it’ll work perfectly.

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Honorable Mentions: Off-Lease Refurbished Laptops


Want to score the ultimate bang-for-your-buck tech? Off-Lease gear has you covered. Many big companies buy tons of laptops, and then dispose of them after a couple of years, even though these laptops are still super powerful and in near immaculate shape. Why they do this? Hey, who knows why big companies do anything. Let’s take advantage of them and buy their stuff on the cheap!

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3 – MOGA Gaming Controllers


Not to be confused with Roman frat party garb, the MOGA is one of the best gaming controllers in the market for Android. With wide support for smartphones and games, you’re guaranteed to always have a good time. Plus, it even works as a PC controller when you’re not on-the-go. Just like LiquidSky 🙂

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Honorable Mention: Smartphone holder for PS4 Controllers


Don’t settle for just any controller: play with the best of the console war! This adapter seamlessly turns your trusty & lightweight PS4 controller into a portable powerhouse. Combined with LiquidSky on your phone, it’s like having a console in your pocket!

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Check out our full write up on the PS4 grip here.

4 – ASUS VivoStick Windows 10 Stick


Who needs a Smart TV when you can grab the full power of Windows? For the same price as most Android TV stations, you can have a full-fledged Windows PC on your TV. No need to compromise or find app workarounds to get things going.

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5 – Blu R1 HD


Did you know Smartphones are getting ridiculously cheap? At just $60, you can grab the sleek & slim Blu R1 HD, a fully unlocked Smartphone that does everything most Smartphones do. It has an HD screen, plays games well, and even has a MicroSD card slot. Ignoring the occasional Amazon ad, there’s nary a sacrifice for such a cheap Smartphone.

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Honorable Mentions: Samsung Galaxy S7


Who wants compromises? When you own a Galaxy S7, you simply cannot tolerate other smartphones. Bleeding edge specs and a magnificent camera that puts pocket cams to shame. Plus, you get access to Samsung Gear VR, one of the cheapest and best ways to experience Virtual Reality

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ZTE Axon 7


It may not be as pretty or photogenic, but it sure is a deal. At $400, you’re getting most of all the flagship niceties. Latest Snapdragon 820 processor? Check. Fingerprint reader? You betchya. It’s even Google Daydream compatible, something only a handful of Smartphones can boast. Plus, its speakers are so loud it’ll put your small Bluetooth ones to shame.

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6 – LG Tone+ Bluetooth Headphones


Versatile yet functional, these Bluetooth headphones are really good. Daily-driver good. Great sound quality and all-day battery life makes these one of the most useful, reasonably price, Bluetooth headphones. Plus, built-in noise cancellation also lets these double as really slim gaming headsets, perfect for LiquidSky gaming on-the-go.

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7 – HyperX Gaming Headset by Kingston


Bang-for-the-buck headsets are hard to find. Compromise is always tough unless you shell out lots of cash. Luckily, Kingston made a headset that ticks off all the boxes: Comfort. Lightweight. Noise cancellation. Superior audio quality. All for a third of the cost of most premium headsets.

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8 -Gamer Keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth


Remember when keyboards were awesome? You could feel every keystroke, and it felt powerful. Well, Razer’s latest keyboard gives you that powerful feeling, but without your neighbors hating you for the noise. Now, you’re gaming with some serious firepower.

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Honorable Mentions: Xbox 360 Wired Controller


The classics are always the best. When it comes to gaming controllers, the Xbox 360 controller is still the gold standard for ultimate compatibility. Plus, being wired means you don’t have to worry about pesky syncing issues. Just plug it in, and start gaming!

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9 – Logitech Z506 surround sound speaker system


Who said 3D sound has to cost a lot? Pick up one of these bad boys, and you’ll have amazing 5.1 Surround Sound for less than a single speaker! Just imagine how much cooler your Home Theater’s going to be with booming sound from everywhere.

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10 – Anker PowerCore 20,000mah Portable Battery Pack


Oh, mobile tech. You giveth, then taketh. We love to take our lives with us, but hate that everything dies so quickly. Luckily, battery packs have come to the rescue! This one from Anker is one of the best: It’s durable, supports QuickCharge 3.0, and has the capacity to keep everyone’s gear charged for days while still be fairly small.

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These are just some of our favorite tech for everyone in the family. Leave in the comments below if you’ve got other holiday presents ideas!