The World’s First Free Gaming PC Is Here

As we concluded our stay at CES 2017, LiquidSky rocked the gaming world with our major announcement: a brand new, revamped LiquidSky, complete with increased graphical performance and even lower latency!

But were changing the way you game forever by making it all FREE.

You read that right. Later in Q1, the brand new LiquidSky will be releasing as the world’s first FREE Gaming PC!

With the new LiquidSky, users will be able to watch ads in order to earn free SkyCredits up to a daily limit. With an entirely revamped UI and the new SkyLounge, users will be able to chat in our Lobby and play web games with each other as well. All the power of a high end gaming PC, with the convenience of the cloud, all for the low, low price of FREE. If you missed our CES announcement, see more details in our presentation below.


An Inside First Look at The New LiquidSky 


Presentation Details


Critics Are Raving About The Brand New LiquidSky!

Our grand announcement made headlines throughout CES 2017, Las Vegas as we changed the gaming industry forever!

Follow along with the hype and see what companies like IGN and Engadget have to say about the upcoming LiquidSky!



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Q&A with The Brand New LiquidSky!

Q: Will my current SkyCredits be affected? What is the new rate for SkyCredits in the upcoming LiquidSky?

A: Current SkyCredits will be multiplied by 60 in order to receive their new SkyCredit value. So for example, 10 current SkyCredits will be the equivalent of 600 SkyCredits in the new LiquidSky.

Q: Can I only watch ads for one hour of LiquidSky a day? 

A: No. Free users can earn up to 180 SkyCredits or 3 hours of play with LiquidSky a day. Additional SkyCredits may also be purchased as well.

Q: Will there be Windows 10 support?

A: Yes! LiquidSky will be running on Windows 10, which includes expanded compatibility support for Windows 10 PC games

Q: Will LiquidSky be expanding their USB and controller support?

A: LiquidSky will be releasing USB pass-through support which will expand support to all USB devices.

Q: Will there be an increase in GPU performance?

A: Saying yes would be an understatement. We have upgraded all of our performance packages all across the board. We’ll be offering up to 8GB vGPU, 12 vCPU cores and an unheard of 32GB of RAM, streamed to any device from the Sky!

Q: Will the LiquidSky client be entirely remodeled and updated?

A: The new LiquidSky will feature a brand new sleek interface that promotes clarity and ease of use. We kept the gamer in mind and made it simpler to access all your favorite games, no matter where you are.

Q: What is SkyLounge?

A: SkyLounge will be a brand new lobby for our users to chat, interact and earn SkyCredits. SkyLounge will also feature small mini-games that users may play alone or with other users outside of the SkyComputer environment. (You don’t have to spend SkyCredits to hang out there, in other words!)

Q: Will there be an unlimited plan in the new LiquidSky?

A: The upcoming LiquidSky release will not feature an unlimited plan, but will instead feature monthly packages, starting at $9.99 per month.

Q: Will the new LiquidSky feature less latency and other network improvements?

A: Further optimizations across the board have enabled us to provide even further reduced latency for the most seamless cloud gaming experience available on the market today.

Q: I missed the announcement! Where can I find a video of the stream? 

A: Video of our stream and live announcement from CES is above and on our Youtube Channel next week. You can subscribe to us here and receive a notification once our video goes live.

Whats Next For LiquidSky?

Following our massive announcement, we will be releasing further information including teaser videos, screenshots, and a live AMA with the team next week leading up to the big release of the new Sky!

Make sure to stay tuned and follow us on all of our social media to stay up to date with all news LiquidSky!





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We’d also like to give a strong thank you to all of our users for your continued support throughout 2016! 

The future of Cloud Gaming is here and it’s in the Sky!