The Brand New LiquidSky is AVAILABLE for download!

It has been a long road since our ground shaking announcement at CES 2017 with much more still ahead. But the wait was worth it!

Starting today, The Brand New LiquidSky will be available for download!

At this time we’d like to apologize profusely for our delays. While we intended on releasing much sooner, unfortunately circumstances did not allow us to do so. However, we’d like thank the community for their patience and support, as without our users, the future of cloud gaming would have never been possible.

For our previous users migrating over from the old LiquidSky, you will receive a 2400 BONUS SkyCredits after purchasing a new plan.

For further information regarding our Launch Day, please refer to our FAQ here.

You may proceed to download the Brand New LiquidSky Windows PC Client here.

Users in America and Parts of Europe will be able to immediately login to their SkyComputers. SkyComputer access will be rolled out shortly around the world over this weekend.

Boarding Groups with 01-01 will start Boarding On Monday March 27, 2017.
Other boarding groups will board as we add more space to the Sky. You can always skip boarding groups by purchasing a plan to get instant access.


Reporting Bugs

After our initial Launch, please be aware that some users may experience bugs as our servers will be under extremely heavy stress as we accommodate our migrating users.

LiquidSky will be regularly updating the client proceeding Launch to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible cloud gaming service.

If you encounter a bug in our client, please report the bug on our community forums here.


Logging in for the First Time

 All previous users will need to complete our migration process in order to transfer their account to the Brand New LiquidSky.

All users will also have no plan after logging in. All users must purchase a new plan in the SkyStore. 


A Reminder About Boarding Groups

After logging in, new users will be assigned a boarding group if they are in a qualifying area. Users will be granted access to LiquidSky once they’re boarding group has been called for boarding! No more Beta Keys!

While not all users will be assigned a Boarding Group, you can always obtain access and “Skip the Wait” by buying SkyCredits starting as low as $4.99!


Free Plan Availability

As a reminder, due to ad availability in certain regions, not all users will have access to our free plan initially after our Launch.

Only users in North America and parts of Europe will have access to ads and our free plan initially upon Launch.

However, we will slowly be expanding our  ad availability to additional regions shortly after Launch.

*Free plans no longer available

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