Welcome to LiquidSky Windows Patch v0.2.7, our newest update which features more user improvements and bug fixes to make your time in LiquidSky easier and more fun than before!

We found a MASSIVE issue causing data center full issues. IBM wasn’t giving us all the IP addresses we need for each server. This cut availability by more than half. We are currently working on getting all the required IPs but it is taking a while to get them assigned to all the data centers. We are focused on US data centers first and then will move to the rest. Washington DC is done as of writing this post. This alone will have a massive impact on server availability and is our biggest priority.

The other BIG WIN is controller functionality, mapping and calibration has been optimized and released! Please plug in your controllers and let us know how it works.

Another big win…FREE SkyCredits! That is right, if you are in North America or Europe please start requesting to earn free SkyCredits. We have added new monetization partners to help you earn free SkyCredits! Please let us know how it works for you and if you are receiving opportunities to earn SkyCredits.

There will be interactive ads, surveys and video ads, they all pay differently depending on a variety of factors. Also, you may appear “Lost in Space” for a few seconds and if no ad shows then that means there are no ads and you will be redirected to the home page. As a reminder, there is no guarantee you will get opportunities to earn SkyCredits, we continue to improve this, but can’t guarantee it.

Once the IP allocation issue is resolved worldwide and based on how ads are paying out in SkyCredits we will start to let in boarding groups! So start earning those SkyCredits while you wait.


As a reminder, if you encounter a bug, please report it in our community forums here or at LiquidSky user, “Kenishi”, bug thread here .

If you are having trouble updating, please delete your LiquidSky folder within “/user/appdata/roaming/LiquidSky” and re-run the program.


Read more about all the latest changes we made in LiquidSky Patch v0.2.7 below.




  • Controller remapping and calibration is finally working properly.
  • Fixed issue that was showing incorrect version number. You will now see the correct version number in your profile page.
  • Added more monetization partners to help you earn free SkyCredits!
  • Changed the text in the in-stream menu to be more clear to our more non-technical users. Instead of choosing decoder software or DXVA it is CPU and GPU.
  • Auto-enabling the controller pass-through only when a controller is connected. Before it was auto-enabled if you didn’t have a controller connected.
  • Changed bitrate to “Quality” as that makes it more clear as to what it is impacting.
    • TIP: Sliding the quality slider all the way to the right will be more demanding on your computer and you will need a better computer and at least 30mb/s or more download speed and it would need to be consistent. If you quality slider exceeds your internet speed at any time you will experience screen tearing.
  • Added popup warning asking you to turn off or leave on your SkyComputer when you close the LiquidSky client.
  • You can now close the in-stream menu when you click off or away from the menu anywhere on the screen. Before you had to click the purple icon in order to close the menu.
  • Added your performance package details in the SkyComputer icon on the home page and in the in-stream menu so you know how many SkyCredits you are spending when your SkyComputer is active.
  • Power save mode notification has been added.



  • Benchmark loop is now fixed. For users that couldn’t get past benchmark video this is now solved.
  • Ping test failure and constant ping looping is now fixed.
  • Mouse jumping around has been fixed for particular instances (still more improvements to be made).
  • Improvements made for Windows 7 users.
  • Fixed window sizing issues that cause the mouse to function properly.



  • The Chennai, India data center has more issues than we originally thought and is taking longer to get up and running. No ETA at this time.
  • Sydney has the IP issue and another bug. If you are still having issues connecting, please contact support.


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