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Congratulations To Our Contest Winners!

After an exciting contest and hundreds of entries, we are proud to announce the winners of our LiquidSky “Who’s that Avatar?” Contest!

Read up on all of our hilarious user submitted stories below!



Wolf Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: Spike.Spiegel22

Story: “Sigrun The Wolf”

“Sigrun” Commander of “Skuld”, ship where the exiled wolf society known as”redfangs” came to invade the “leogott” planet home of the “leojhits”. This race was formed from the exiled by the “vilkas” hundreds of years ago, which were a wise wolf race. Armed with stolen technology, they intercepted communications between the vilkas and the leojhits , opened a portal to their planet in order to invade them. Sigrun discovered means to create the portal.



Viking Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: SolarFlare88

Story: “Lars the Otaku”

Don’t be fooled by his formidable and manly appearance; Lars is a closet otaku whose game library consists entirely of JRPG’s, dating sims, and romantic visual novels. When he isn’t gaming, Lars is either catching up on his latest high school slice-of-life anime, cosplaying as his favorite magical girl, or cuddling with his body pillow waifu.



Lion Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: ChozoRama

Story: “The LiquidSky Lion”

Once there was a lion. The other lions made fun of him because he couldn’t afford a gaming PC. Because he was a lion. Lions do not have PCs. And can’t type. Soon his brethren understood their own nature. As gaming PC-less lions. And all admired his tragic character. So remember: when you use Liquidsky, remember the lion you used to be.



Android Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: Ash.Maestro

Story: “Android-6”

Android -6 was created by an evil scientist in order rule the earth using them. 6 was programmed as a perfect substitution for humans in all level except for gaming. He never understood why humans tries to play these programmes. But when he started playing , he never could stop playing. He forgot everything happening around and continued playing games to eternity and evil plans of the scientist never worked out.



Tiger Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: SkyHelix

Story: “Tigris”

Tiger, A furious animal. It was the sunny day Tiger family was walking together searching for food. A baby tiger named Tigris was a naughty boy, he teases everyone, never listens of his family. He never understood the basics of being tiger. While they were walking Tigris jumped and hid behind the bushes and suddenly some hunters came killed the whole family but little Tigris saw this quietly sadly. Poor Tigris, came back home alone and slept alone he just cried all night. Some time later, he became the king and this incident changed him a lot and now he knows his responsibilities and became the most powerful tiger and always thought of his tribe security… This avatar shows his sacrifice, bravery and we also felt sorry for his family… Tigris…..



Roman Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: Hozzdutch

Story: “Roman’s Log Emporium”

Roman, founder of the Canadian logging firm, Roman’s Log Emporium.
After his company folded, he got into woodworking and found a talent for carving various computer game characters from wood. His carvings became an obsession which gradually drove him insane. He eventually disappeared into the forests of Canada. He’s not been seen since but sometimes, trees can still be found carved into the likenesses of Lara Croft, Q-bert and various Angry Birds.



Robot Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: Bazzyjw

Story: “SkyBot”

In the year of 2017 skybot was the most advanced cloud computing robot available worldwide. He did important tasks such as tell you you are connecting to SkyComputer. Tell you when you are low on credits and provide you with free adverts to earn SkyCredits. He is the best and most loved robot in the world and now spends his time watching everyone playing cool games anywhere in the world using PC, Mac or Android :slight_smile:



Hun Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: GhostList

Story: “Ati the Hun”

Born In the steppe land of Central Asia, from a nomadic family of 4, roaming the land under the banner of Attila, Ati is the oldest son in the family. Skilled with Archery, Horse riding and Tracking, he is the best hunter in the family.

One Morning, before the light touches the earth he begin to hunt with his horse looking for the smallest movement in the ground to feed his family. Not long after he began his hunt, he spotted a hare far in the distance, then he ready his bow to take a shot when suddenly a rumbling noise scare the little animal. Far on the horizon a group of imperial horseman chasing a nomad villager. Ati try to hide from them, but when he see a child on the nomad horse his heart feel he must help them. With his horse, he chase them from behind and start shooting the soldier taking them one by one. He manage to kill all of them, then he ride to the villager to see if they wounded. He found out one of them has taken a arrow to the knee, then he bring them to his village.

After they arrive to the village, he go to the healer and ask for her help, the healer then ready her place to heal the wounded villager. Because the loud noise outside,Ati father Tudan wake up from his bed and see what is happening outside, when he found out that his son is covered in blood he rush to him and ask him what happen. Ati explain everything to his father, then they go inside the healer house to see the villager.
His father really surprise by the villager, because his son not just brought a simple villager but a Horde Leader, the brother of attila, Bleda. Tudan ask Bleda what happen, he tell him that their horde is ambush by a large number of imperial soldier, he escape with his nephew and her son long story short Ati help them.

After a few day Bleda is recovering well, he then thank the village and Ati for their help, still in weak condition he want to leave to save his captured soldier. Before he leave he ask Tudan about his son, he want to bring him with him, he see that Ati will become a Fine Warrior in his youth. Tudan think his offer and ask Ati if he want to go, Ati feel he must go because he know he is destined to meet Bleda. After The sun eat the Earth Ati say one last goodbye to his family and ride with Bleda to his destiny.



Medusa Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: SolarFlare88

Story: “Medusa, The Queen of Lag”

Everyone knows Medusa as the fearsome monster who has the power to turn people to stone. Less well known is her ability to affect their games too, effectively ending a solid killstreak by introducing lag right at the most crucial moments. Never ever join a server with Medusa on your team or your framerate will forever be doomed to freeze and stutter.



SuperGirl Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: AvalonSallam

Story: “Hannah Peterson”

Hannah Peterson was just your average teenager, until she put on some crazy girl’s magical skin cream. Now she has to balance school life, relationships, and oh yeah, saving the entire freaking world!




Cobra Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: Ash.Maestro

Story: “The Cobra Abomination”

The Cobra was an AI avatar created by world’s greatest developers as a guardian to protect the web. But as he became self aware, he began to tear down the infinity net and all its infrastructure . He burned downed firewalls with his deadly venom and was protected from antivirus by his steel like body. Feared of the abomination they created, devs captured him and locked him down in the liquid sky where he is shackled by the codes of gaming. There he still awaits for a player to choose him, to unleash his powers to games. Silent yet deadly.



Mustache Man Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: GloryWorm

Story: “Dude RadBro”

Dude is an Action Time Traveler from an organization of the same, (ATT’s) that he just so happened to be the creator of. The ATT’s duty is to time travel to evil time-altering bad guys and kick their butts. This often involves using time-enhanced punches, making a regular punch actually have the force and weight of a black hole. Doing this sometimes rips the very fabric of time and often gets Dude into ecliptic hijinks as he’s one to always flub up something because he always puts too much weight behind his punches. But he always ends up fixing it and saving the day in the process, wow, you go RadBro.


lil astronaut

Little Astronaut Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: SkyHelix

Story: “Little Astro”

Little astronaut was so fond of games that wherever he go his bag would be full of game disks but his family doesn’t like that their little astronaut is taking unnecessary things in space shuttle and increasing the weight and game disks were increasing day by day and weight of shuttle was also increasing.. While they were moving near Earth they searched for something which could help them and come up with “Liquid Sky” a cloud gaming platform and they were happy to tell this to their little kid… And the kid liked that, Little astronaut was happy as he can take his games anywhere digitally. Yo, LS helped the astronaut family in saving fuel and now there were no disks only a laptop with LS client…..



Astronaut Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: Zshon

Story: “John Williamson”

As a child, John Williamson had one interest, gaming in locations that none would dare game. When the Gameboy was released, John’s interest skyrocketed even higher. He gamed in forests, caves, volcanoes, you name it! However, John’s interest faded as he aged. He became an astronaut as that was another interest. But then, John discovered Liquidsky, and remembered his true calling! In 2018, John became known as the first person to play Overwatch in space.



Soldier Avatar Story Grand Prize Winner

LiquidSky Community Username: Slowturtle

Story: “Jeff”

Once upon a time, there was a soldier called Jeff. And Jeff was a really nice guy, he talked a lot about his wife and kids waiting for him at home, just counting the hours when he would see them again. And every day after work he was stuffed back into the wooden box he came from and remembered: I’m just a toy soldier, dang it!




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