LiquidSky Is Now Available For Download On Android!

>>>>  Download the brand new LiquidSky Android App here  <<<<

*Free plans no longer available

Just in time for Summer, LiquidSky for Android is here! Get ready to try out the future of gaming and take your PC games wherever you go!

Starting today, LiquidSky will be available for download on Android devices in the Google Play Store.

Our Android client is still in its early stages of testing, so users may encounter slight difficulties following our initial launch. All LiquidSky users will be able to immediately access their accounts on Android, launch their SkyComputers, and watch ads to earn FREE SkyCredits (only in qualifying regions).

For further information regarding our Android Release, please refer to our FAQ here.

LiquidSky will continue to release boarding groups as we add more space to the Sky. However, remember you can always skip boarding groups by purchasing a plan to get instant access.


Reporting Bugs

After our initial Launch, please be aware that some users may experience bugs as our Android client is still in it’s early stage of development.

LiquidSky will be regularly updating our Android Client proceeding our launch to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible cloud gaming service.

If you encounter a bug in our client, please report the bug on our community forums here.


Playing With A Controller On Android!

Users can use almost any compatible controller to play their favorite PC games on Android with LiquidSky.

However for those using bluetooth controllers, we highly recommending switching to a compatible controller and connecting to your phone using an OTG cable for the best gaming experience.

For those looking for a great controller to play on LiquidSky, we highly recommend the GameSir Android Mobile Controller. 

Check out our review on the GameSir Mobile Controller here and get your hands on one today!


A Reminder About Boarding Groups

If your account has been granted access on our PC client, then you can also use your account on our Android Client without any additional changes.

New users however, will be assigned a boarding group if they are in a qualifying area. Users will be granted access to LiquidSky once they’re boarding group has been called for boarding!

While not all users will be assigned a Boarding Group, you can always obtain access and “Skip the Wait” by buying SkyCredits or one of our monthly subscription plans.


Free Plan Availability

As a reminder, due to ad availability in certain regions, not all users will have access to our free plan initially after our Launch.

Only users in North America and parts of Europe will have access to ads and our free plan initially upon Launch.

However, we will slowly be expanding our  ad availability to additional regions shortly after Launch.


Pricing Update

You may have noticed a slight tweak in our current packages available for purchase.

We have removed our lowest tier packages, but continue to offer the same value for existing packages. We did this because our original prices we too low of a barrier and caused over flooding of the servers.

Thus, by removing the lower priced packages, we hope to have controlled growth and more availability of the servers. For users that already have a plan, please know that nothing will happen to your existing plan. You will be able to keep it, but if you cancel or change your plan, you won’t be able to go back.


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