Ever since our Beta 2.0 launch we have been striving to accommodate a vast global audience with a free way to game in the Sky. Unfortunately this came at the cost of our paying users. Today we are announcing the shift in our focus to be on the paying customers who valued us enough to give us their money in exchange for an innovative way to play their PC games. This involves a series of changes that will be coming over the next few months.

  1. Priority Customer Support – Our support team has been overworked and is completely drowning in support tickets which causes delayed response times. 80% of the tickets are from free users asking repetitive questions that are clearly answered in the Knowledgebase. We have now migrated to a better customer support platform to better prioritize our paying customers for support. Monthly subscribers are given the highest priority, then followed by Pay-as-you-go customers. Free users will be guided to the knowledgebase or community in most cases, but for tickets it may take up to 2-3 days to get a response.
  2. Paying Users Have Priority at Peak Times – As most of you noticed, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM in your local time is usually when the servers are loaded up (we call this peak) and it can sometimes degrade the experience or make it difficult to get access. We will be granting access only to paying customers at peak and free users will have to wait for off-peak times to access their SkyComputers. We will publish a separate article on this for users to reference when are the peak times for each data center. This should DRAMATICALLY improve paying users’ experience during the most popular time to game.
  3. Reduction of Ads – We have removed the LiquidSky ads that were playing and giving free SkyCredits. This will lead to fewer opportunities for free SkyCredits for international users especially. This will mean that fewer free users will be accessing the servers, thus leading to even better experience for paying customers.
  4. Stability and Product Updates – The biggest focus of our engineering team is achieving reliable and stable service for our paying customers. We hope that users will start to notice these improvements in the coming months.
  5. Data Center Consolidation – more on that below, but with more servers in a data center and fewer data centers, we will be able to provide better service.

We know these changes will upset some of the free users currently benefiting from all the free SkyCredits they have received, but if they want the special treatment of being a paid user we are offering 25% off any package for the next few days. The moment you make a payment, you will receive the benefits of being a paying customer.

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A big thank you to our paying users and a bigger apology for not doing this earlier.

Consolidation of São Paulo and Milan Data Centers

On September 10th, we will be closing our São Paulo and Milan data centers. Users assigned to São Paulo will be reassigned to the Dallas data center and users assigned to Milan will be sent to the Frankfurt data center.

We understand that we have a growing user base in São Paulo that love LiquidSky and that removing the São Paulo data center connecting to Dallas won’t be ideal. This decision did not come lightly; we ran the numbers, assessed the market opportunity and the amount of resources it will require for us to focus on South America and we determined that it is best to shut it down for now until we are a larger company. A big part of this decision was that 80% of the users using the service in South America were free users….and the free plan wasn’t ever supposed to be available for that region. Thus, a lot of free users have been abusing the system and ultimately leading us to shut it down. A decent amount of paying users were using fraudulent payments which hurt us even more.

Effective September 10th all free São Paulo accounts will be closed. If you don’t want to lose your account, simply make a payment to keep your account and it will be automatically migrated to our Dallas data center.

Take advantage of the one time offer to get 25% off any package by using code IWANTTOBESPECIAL at checkout.

We apologize to the legitimate users who genuinely paid for and used the São Paulo data center. We hope the move to Dallas leads to a positive experience for you. If it doesn’t then please contact support for a refund of your last payment. You can find more information on that here.

For Milan users, we realized that consolidating the servers in Frankfurt will be more cost effective and lead to a better user experience for all users. The distance shouldn’t have much of an impact on users switching from Milan to Frankfurt.

This decision ultimately frees up resources for us to improve our current data centers so that we’re ready for more paying users as we continue to grow.

We are a young company and we don’t always get it right, but we are quick learners. Our community has been critically helpful along the way, and for that, we thank you.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your continued support as we continue our goal of making LiquidSky your go-to cloud gaming platform!

UPDATE – 8/30 12:11 PM EDT

In order to facilitate the closing of the Milan and São Paulo data centers, we will be restricting users from being able to connect to these data centers starting on September 8th and close them altogether on September 10th as planned.

UPDATE – 8/30 4:13 PM EDT

In order to be eligible for a refund, users connected to the São Paulo data center need to have made their purchase between August 1st and August 30th. We will assume that any purchase made starting August 31st means you are continuing the use the platform and you will not be refunded due to the closure of the São Paulo data center.