Referring friends is about sharing your precious gaming moments together. Why hog all the fun for yourself when you can invite everyone over? Well, now you can with our LiquidSky Referral program. We’ll give you all the tools you need to share LiquidSky with everyone you know. Invite your friends and family to LiquidSky while earning those precious SkyCredits.
Now that you’re stoked to get onboard, let’s explain how it works:


How Do I Share?


To get your code, go to Profile and then get 60 SkyCredits under your username


One of the first steps is to make sure your account is either Pay-As-You-Go or Monthly, as only paying users can share their referral code. Every paying user gets a unique and personalized code they can share with all their friends and family. The code lets us know that it’s you who invited your friends to play. To find yours, simply navigate over to your Profile and click on the ‘Refer A Friend’ box under your username. You should then see a dialog box with the ability to copy your code (hint: it has your username).


Click copy in the popover and send your code to your friends and family.


Next step? Share the code with everyone you know! Once they redeem the code, they’ll get a bonus 30 SkyCredits on us (and you can brag for being such a swell friend)! Plus, you’ll get an extra 60 SkyCredits when they use more than 300 SkyCredits! It’s our way of saying thanks for spreading the love. You can share your code with as many people as you like. We’d love to get to know all your peeps, so share away!


Great! My friend sent me a code. How do I redeem?


Enter the code when you signup for a new account.


Awesome question. Luckily, redeeming has been made really simple. When you create your account, simply have your coupon code ready and enter it under “Have a referral or promo code?”. Once entered and you’ve chosen the greatest username and password ever, click ‘Continue’ and you’ll be greeted with your bonus SkyCredits.

Success! You Redeemed


Important note: this is the ONLY way to redeem your referral code. Once your account is created, you can’t use any referral codes, not even from your closest buddy. And no, your 2nd bestie doesn’t get dibs, either. Only new accounts can use a referral code. So make sure to give the right friend kudos! Have a promo code as well? You can use it later: promo codes can be redeemed anytime unlike referral codes. Use your referral code when you sign up, and later you can add your promo code.


Now that you’ve gotten the basics of our Referral program, it’s time to start sharing! There’s no limit to how you’d like to share your code. You can post it on Facebook, tweet out to your peeps, tag it on your YouTube videos, even live stream it on your shirt while skydiving (not recommended). It’s your code, so share as you’d like. As always, stay tuned to our Blog and Community forums for all the latest updates on LiquidSky.