Itching to try LiquidSky out before jumping in? With update v0.3, you can now jump instantly into three selected demos after creating your account! We didn’t just select any Plain Jane demos, either. After going through dozens of awesome game demos from the past few years, we’ve selected three distinct titles that will give you a good rundown of the LiquidSky experience from different angles.
Accessing a demo is super easy: simply create a new account and you’ll instantly be entered into our new Demo mode (remember to use your Referral Code if you got a buddy that has one!). Every new user will get 20 minutes of free demo gaming, while those with a Referral Code will get 50 minutes. Once inside, you’ll need to login to your Steam account (or create a new one). You’ll be prompted with a security code that’ll be sent to your Steam account’s email address. Once logged in, your demo will be ready to play instantly.
Now that’s out of the way, here are your three demo options available on-demand:


Doom: Demons Galore




If you’re looking for an awesome test of LiquidSky, look no further than Doom. Hyper-fast twitch gameplay with hordes of demons ramming down your neck? Check. Beautiful visuals that will haunt you for decades? You betcha. The Doom demo pulls no punches, immediately zapping you into the action as you wake up from your slumber. Take the first rifle you see and start shooting demons before they set you ablaze! The first level is fairly easy and linear, but you’ll soon enter a completely different stage that with test the metal of any gamer.
Doom has three difficulty settings that are aptly titled. If you want to test out LiquidSky and speed through the two sections, we recommend “I’m Too Young To Die” difficulty. With the easiest difficulty, you should be able to speed through the demo within 20 minutes. If you got a referral code and looking for a challenge, hit up ‘Ultra Violence’ to get a taste of real Doom action at its most fun setting.

Estimated Demo Time: 15 – 40 minutes


Hitman: Choose Your Path




Who doesn’t like being an assassin? The Hitman demo gives you two stages to choose from: ‘Guided Training’ and ‘The Final Test’. Both missions give you a nice rundown of how Hitman plays. Guided Training is a fairly simple demo experience. Your target is on a yacht and your task is to take him down. It’s a fairly linear level that gives a good run through of how LiquidSky works.
If you’re up for a challenge, we recommend jumping straight into ‘The Final Test’. In classic Hitman form, you’re given a big map and open-ended paths to your objectives. The level definitely nudges you and helps you along the way if you’re a Hitman noob or just want to speed rush….or you can just go off-script and get to your target in a plethora of ways.

Estimated Time: 10 – 50 minutes


Prey: For Story Lovers




Unlike Doom, Prey is much more relaxed and slow paced, perfect for gamers looking for a more cerebral demo experience. Like every great demo, Prey doesn’t pull any punches. You’re getting the full game experience and plot with no filters, which makes for an amazing experience. The beginning of the demo is full of exposition and mystery, layering the world that Prey has built for you. Be prepared to get instantly sucked in! Just be sure you grab a referral code from a buddy, as 20 minutes of playing time isn’t enough to truly sink in what Prey and LiquidSky have to offer.

Estimated Time: 40+ minutes


Our new demo experience brings a new way to try LiquidSky that’s both fast and easy. We’ll be looking for new ways to optimize the experience even further over time. Let us know on our Community forums if you’ve got more demo ideas for us to toy with!