“What makes cloud gaming great?”


This is our most asked question whenever we’re out and about introducing LiquidSky. We get it: Cloud gaming is the new kid on the block, and there’s a lot of mystery of how it works and why it’s beneficial for every gamer. Our community is filled with enthusiastic gamers who are completely on-board the cloud gaming train, but the majority of gamers have never even heard of it.

So, we decided to create a new blog post to address the cloud. If you’ve just stumbled upon cloud gaming, this article is for you. Here are the top 5 advantages of cloud gaming that everyone should know:


1. Play Anywhere


Cloud gaming means any devices can play all your games.


Gaming can be a real hassle sometimes. If you’re a PC gamer, you need to make sure your setup perfectly matches your desktop. After spending countless hours making sure you’ve built that sweet setup, you realize that transferring all your work to your living room is a huge pain in the neck. You’d need to setup a completely new PC that works just for your living room needs (being quiet yet powerful enough to play your favorite games). Consoles are easier but an even bigger pain. All your games are tied to your specific console, so you’ve gotta move all your save files from one machine to the next. Most consoles haven’t caught up nicely with cloud saving, making syncing perfectly almost impossible.

With cloud gaming and LiquidSky, all you need to do is have any PC or Android device that runs our app. Then simply login to your account, and you’ll automatically start from where you left off. No need to reinstall all your games and download all your mods and drivers, or merge all your save files from one console to the next.
That’s the cloud gaming advantage. All your data can be accessed anytime from any machine. You don’t need to worry about how perfectly spec’d your machine is. Just pop in any Windows or Android TV stick and you’re on your way. No need to remember and install every title you own, every time you switch machines. Download your games and mods once, and it’s all there for you.

Tired of gaming on your uber PC rig and want to chill in the living room? Just log back into your living room center, and you’re straight away back to gaming. Changing computers or looking to simplify your setup? Your cloud computer is right where you left it. It’s that simple.



2. Flexibility


Cloud gaming means your games travel with you.


Hate lugging cases of video games with you? So do we. With the versatility of cloud gaming, not only can you play all your favorite titles anywhere, but you can bring them with you wherever you go. With LiquidSky, you won’t have any restrictions on what storefronts you use to get your games. Show off your favorite indie game no one’s ever heard of at a moment’s notice. Create spontaneous LAN parties at work. The possibilities are endless, and ready whenever you need it.

Not only can you bring your gaming with you, but it also travels with you. Cloud gaming allows you to connect with Data Centers from across the globe. LiquidSky currently has 6 Data Center spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. Plus, our Android and Windows apps both access the same SkyComputer on the cloud, so you’ll play the same PC games right on your Smartphone or Tablet!



3. Optimized Hardware


Cloud gaming means you're always upgrading...even when you're not.


Consoles are like McDonald’s burgers. No matter where you go, you’ll always get the same reliable burger out of every McDonald’s. Everyone loves console gaming because of how well optimized every game comes out. Right out of the box, every game on every console is going to work as prescribed. Even when a game’s pushing out incredible graphics that test the console’s limits. Why? Well, there’s a lot of fine-tuning that developers do when every part is extremely standardized. Even when the hardware has become massively outdated, you can fine-tune the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses.

PC gamers aren’t so lucky. There are thousands of different computer configurations, and developers need to worry about each one of them. It’s the reason why powerful hardware can sometimes struggle when a lowly console runs every game flawlessly.

LiquidSky and cloud gaming is a lot like console gaming, but with the advantages of PC hardware. Because we run the same hardware across all our Data Centers, developers only have to worry about one hardware configuration. We can debug games and help optimize the best settings that take advantage of our hardware.

Plus, cloud gaming is always updating…even when you’re not. There’s nothing more aggravating than spending lots of time and effort building a gaming rig…only to find out that all the newest releases no longer work with your PC. One measly part becomes outdated, bottlenecking your entire rig.

With cloud gaming, we do all the upgrading for you. No more scrubbing eBay for used parts to update your rig. By having very standardized hardware, we can monitor when our parts start to get outdated and upgrade all our systems at once. Plus, your storage is entirely separate from our rigs, meaning you won’t even notice when we upgrade your hardware. Simply login when we update and you’re greeted to brand-spanking new hardware. It’s that simple.



4. Instant Gaming


Cloud gaming means lightning-fast speeds


So you just bought a brand-spanking new game that just released. You’ve been waiting months anxiously to play. Now the only thing standing in your way is…hours long downloading because your internet speeds are as slow as molasses and the game is massive *sigh*.

Not so with cloud gaming. When you’re connected to the world’s fastest data centers in the world, you get the world’s fastest download speeds. Instead of hours, you’ll be ready in mere minutes to play your long-awaited game.

You could spend hundreds a month on the fastest internet connection on your block, but it would be only a tenth (or hundredth) of the speeds we’re pumping out. LiquidSky’s internet speeds go as high as 10 gigabits per second. Compare that to your insanely expensive megabits (here’s a tissue).

Plus, you don’t need an uber fast connection to connect with LiquidSky. We support speeds as low as 10 megabits per second, so many basic internet setups work well. If you’re a competitive gamer, cloud gaming not only provides you with the competitive edge you need but can also save you an incredible amount of cash versus your local internet provider’s overpriced high-end internet packages.



5. Cloud Security


Cloud gaming means better security than your home network.


Getting your data stolen is not a fun thought. We’re constantly hearing news stories of famous celebrities getting their devices hacked, with really undesirable results. A good number of hacks are actually your own home PC. You’re more likely to get your information stolen by someone close to you…and who would know how to use it. With Wi-Fi passwords being notoriously easy to hack, your data is more vulnerable than you’d expect. Sure, you could setup a really secure setup at home (and everyone should), but who has the time to do that? The power of cloud computing doesn’t just mean incredible convenience, but also the peace of mind that your most personal files aren’t just ripe for an unsuspecting hacker to obtain.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but having your data in the cloud is actually far safer than having everything sitting on your PC hoping that your well-intentioned antivirus and firewall keeps the bad guys at bay. Don’t just take it from us: here’s two articles from Computer Weekly and Forbes on how the cloud is safer than your home.



Bonus: Cloud Gaming is the Future


Cloud Gaming is the future


Let’s get straight to the elephant in the room: Consoles are dying. Look at the latest batches of releases from the Big 3, and you’ll see three distinctive ways in attracting the same audience, with the most successful recent offering opting for portability and adaptability over superior hardware.

Cloud gaming is all about flexibility, with networking being our huge advantage. Consoles and PC’s were always limited by the hardware inside. All your games being stuck on one piece of kit where you need to upgrade everything for the next best thing. Now, you’re only limited by the power of your internet connection. With 5G rolling out globally in the next few years and the cost of internet dropping worldwide, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a spot left on the globe where you can’t connect in a fast-approaching future.

Plus, cloud gaming will only get cheaper over time. Just like computers in the 90’s, the explosion in the server market from growing startups has drastically reduced the cost of enterprise-level hardware and bandwidth. The bigger cloud gaming grows, the faster the costs go down.



As you can see, there are many advantages to cloud gaming already, and we’re still in a young space that’s constantly evolving. The cloud is constantly improving, and cloud gaming is moving fast to fix the lack of flexibility that has been plaguing gaming for decades.

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