Verizon, 5G, and Cloud Gaming

As you can imagine, 5G technology is on the horizon and has huge implications on the future of connectivity. Self-driving cars, VR, AR, and cloud computing are just a few of the verticals that will see huge benefits with the coming of 5G. We are pleased to be working with the Verizon 5G team at Alley NYC to see what that future of connectivity might look like.

“LiquidSky is an interactive streaming company. Normally a multiplayer game like Rocket League would require a gaming console or PC at home. Getting early-access to 5G technology at Verizon has allowed us to develop a future where high-end gaming won’t require a console and is as simple as streaming a show on your phone.” – Ian McLoughlin, CEO.

We’ve been partnering with Verizon for over 6 months to test performance improvements that 5G will bring to our users. Based on preliminary controlled experiments we’ve seen as much as a 10x improvement on latency and jitter. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to share our results and progress with the CEO & Chairman of Verizon, Lowell McAdam. We even had a brief mention on CNBC this morning demonstrating the quality performance from 4G to 5G on mobile devices.

We’re really excited about this partnership and will continue to work with Verizon and the 5G team. Check out some of the photos and videos from the event below.






You can find a clip of LiquidSky’s demo at 7:43.