Hi everyone! I wanted to share some news with you revolving around our newest update.

Our streamer code has been rewritten from the ground up to be more scalable and solve some of our biggest bugs. Most issues our users reported were being disguised as networking issues, but as we dug further we were able to identify bugs in the hardware and our streamer code. We’ve begun to measure these closely and realized that we can make significant improvements.

Due to the streamer being new, we expect there may be some bugs associated with it. In order to minimize the number of bugs you might encounter, the streamer update will be rolled out in a few phases starting with Streamer 3.0.

As it stands, if something isn’t operating as mentioned below, please let us know in the community announcement thread here.


Streamer 3.0

  • Packet Loss Enhancements (TCP/UDP auto toggle).
    • Users will be switched between performance mode and stability mode automatically based on their packet loss to improve performance.
  • GPU Priority
    • Fixes some issues with stream stuttering when games run on a loaded GPU. Now the video streamer has priority over the game when using the GPU.
  • Advanced Network Stats
    • When “Show Stats” is toggled, this will show “packet loss” and “jitter” in the HUD on PC. You can find out more about what each of the new stats are here.
  • Frame Capture & Encoding Latency Stats
    • When “Show Stats” is toggled, this will show “capture latency” and “encoding latency” in the HUD on PC.
  • CPU Priority
    • Fixes some issues with stream stuttering when games run on a loaded SkyPC CPU.

Future Updates

  • Good/Bad HUD Stats
    • When “Show Stats” is toggled, stats will have (good/bad) next to them to indicate if the results are within a normal threshold.
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    • Fixes some issues with stream tearing (packet loss). Under heavy packet loss (such as WiFi), FEC duplicates data (packets) which are sent. This requires more bandwidth, but will help mitigate loss such as WiFi interference.
  • Network Priority
    • Fixes some issues with stream stuttering when games run on a SkyPC consuming all available bandwidth.
  • Mouse Latency Fix
    • Fixes issues which cause the mouse to have (latency/lag) during high refresh rates (lots of movement).
  • Client Render Latency Fix
    • Reduces latency of PC client by up to 20%.


NVIDIA Driver Update

This update will not include the latest NVIDIA drivers. What we have discovered in testing is that NVIDIA’s licensing servers are brand new and are having trouble scaling which would dramatically reduce the reliability of our service. We are working closely with NVIDIA and hope they will resolve this quickly.


Unfortunately, we have made the decision to not upgrade our GPUs to the P100s. After extensive testing of the P100 vs the M60 there was minimal to no noticeable benefit to the switching GPUs. We discovered that we have more flexibility with the M60s playing nicely with our current infrastructure over the P100s. We apologize for misleading the community on this upgrade, but given there would be no benefits, we figured it was best to stick with the M60s until NVIDIA or AMD can provide us with something better.

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