The time is here – we’ve made some big changes to our current price plans. There will be three available plans; Beginner, Prestige, and Prestige+. Let’s break it down.


The Beginner plan is replacing Pay-As-You-Go. Users on the Beginner plan will have access to the Gamer and Pro power packs at a rate of 2 SkyCredits per minute for Gamer and 4 SkyCredits per minute on Pro. We have doubled the number of SkyCredits received in the Beginner package, so you will continue to receive up to 25 hours of play time on this package.


Prestige is going to be the the first of two subscription plans. If you purchase Prestige, you will receive 6,000 SkyCredits good for up to 100 hours of gaming. That means you will have access to Gamer at 1 SkyCredit per minute and Pro at 2 SkyCredits per minute. The major change being made to all of the subscription plans is that we have removed rollover SkyCredits. Any SkyCredits not used by the time your plan renews will be removed when you receive your monthly allowance. Anyone who purchases the Prestige package will still be enrolled in our VIP Gamer Club.


Prestige+ is our newest subscription plan which comes to $299.99 billed annually (equivalent to $24.99 per month). Upon purchase, these users will receive more storage (750 GB), more SkyCredits (86,400 SkyCredits which is equivalent to 7,200 SkyCredits per month or up to 120 hours of game time), and access to our brand new Founders Club. More details on that below. Like Prestige, Prestige+ will have access to Gamer at 1 SkyCredit per minute and Pro at 2 SkyCredits per minute. Prestige+ will also lack the rollover meaning any SkyCredits unused when your renewal comes around will be lost. The main difference between this and Prestige will be that the renewal period is annually.
These new changes could possibly affect your current SkyCredit balance. All users will be receiving an email in regards to how these changes will affect you and what steps need to be taken to maintain your SkyCredit balance.
EDIT 5/29 4:30 PM EDT – We’ve made changes to our SkyCredit policy since the emails that went out on Friday, 5/26. You can read more about it in our community announcement.

Founders Club

Think of the Founders Club as an upgraded VIP Club experience. Founders Club members will have access to exclusive founders club experiences and content. At launch, we will be offering unique community flair, a custom community title, and a custom community profile image. In addition, they will receive discounts on add-on packages should they need to buy additional SkyCredits. We will continue to add unique perks as the Founders Club grows.

But, why the changes?

Many of you are aware, but pricing was brought up recently in the community. We loved all the feedback and made the decision to stick with something closer to our current pricing model. We have not turned our back on unlimited (trust us, we want it as much as you do), but given our limited resources, offering unlimited opens up several risks to our service that wouldn’t be good for our business or our users at this time. As LiquidSky stands right now, unlimited would just be asking for trouble. We are, however, continuing to work towards getting the platform to a place where unlimited would be doable.

The second change to address is why we removed SkyCredit rollover. Our pricing plans are designed to give a lot more SkyCredits than users actually use, thus lots of users are accumulating massive amounts of SkyCredits that would be almost impossible to consume. We are in beta, so we never were too concerned about it, and we never implement the limits that we stated we would last year. Well with the growth we had it has now gotten out of hand and has become a large liability that we need to address.

We hope you can take advantage of our new pricing and terms while continuing to enjoy LiquidSky well into the future.

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