Why LiquidSky is a Good Thing for Game Developers

The gaming industry has already begun migrating to the cloud but high latency, closed-catalogs, piracy, and costly infrastructure has prevented the advancement of moving gaming hardware to the cloud. LiquidSky has solved these problems and has become the leader in open platform cloud gaming by providing a full Windows PC in the cloud with ultra-low latency streaming, all at no-cost to the gamer. This greatly increases the market reach to all game developers making it possible to target gamers across the globe with any Android, Mac, Linux or Windows device.

Any PC game can be purchased & downloaded by users on LiquidSky to their own private virtual machine protecting the interest of the game developers and adhering to their DRM. Game developers don’t have to do any special development, if the game already runs on Windows, then it runs on LiquidSky.

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